Hi there,

I am Anna, a passionate expatriate with 9 years of living abroad experience. I moved to New Zealand to explore this country and find a new home. Currently living in Christchurch and pursuing a Master’s in Business at the University of Canterbury, I absolutely love this country and South Island, in particular.

After gaining experience of living in several countries (six to be precise) and running two expat websites, I decided to start a guide on moving and living in New Zealand to help other people who, just like me, seek a new home in NZ.

We all have different reasons why we came here, like to have a brighter future, get a job, embrace the beauty of its nature, enjoy the lifestyle, or give a better life to our children. Nevertheless, we all found ourselves in this fantastic country called New Zealand.

Ultimately, on this website, other foreigners who moved to New Zealand and I share our experience of moving, living, and traveling here to help you accomplish the same.

The goal of Simple NZ is to make your relocation and integration process as simple as possible. Here I write about all ins and outs of living in New Zealand that you might not find elsewhere. Make sure you add this website to your bookmarks!

By the way, I have a YouTube channel about living abroad. There, I am sharing my experience and tips about living in New Zealand; check it out.

PS: If you have any questions, concerns, suggestions, offers, or anything else, shoot me an email at [email protected].