Are You Well-Paid? Full Guide on Salaries in New Zealand 2024

Before you move to New Zealand or accept a job offer, it’s crucial to know what earnings perspectives are in your profession. Salaries range widely between professional areas, and you should know the baseline for a successful negotiation. That said, the median income in New Zealand in June 2022 was NZ$57,072 per year or NZ$29.66 per hour.

Salaries in larger cities like Auckland and Wellington tend to be slightly higher because the cost of living there is also higher.

What is a good salary in New Zealand?

Key findings

  • National median income from wages and salaries is NZ$1,189 per week or NZ$4,756 or NZ$57,072 per year.
  • Median weekly income from wages and salaries increased by NZ$96 (8.8%) to NZ$1,189 from June 2021 to June 2022.
  • Median hourly earnings increased by NZ$1.90 to an average of NZ$29.66 per hour.
  • Minimum wage was increased to NZ$22.7 per hour in April 2023.
  • Highest paying jobs are Information architects, other IT specialists, Quantity surveyors, Finance managers, and, of course, chief executives.
  • Income by gender: The gender pay gap in the June 2022 quarter was 9.2%. This means men earned 9.2% more than women.
  • 88% of all employers in New Zealand intend to increase salaries for their workers.

Source: www.stats.govt.nz

This article was written with the help of Hays’s Salary Guide for 2022 – 2023; if you want to learn more, check it out here.

Average salary in New Zealand in 2023

In 2022, the average salary in New Zealand, across all industries, was about NZ$1,093 per week or NZ$58,836 per year. 

Yet, the median income was NZ$57,072 per annum based on a 40-hour week. Median income indicates a median number between all salaries earned, from highest to lowest, so it’s not the best way to judge wages.

According to the recent salary survey, 37% of all workers in New Zealand are dissatisfied with their salary, while 32% are neutral and 31% are happy with it.

New Zealand also has a minimum wage, where employers are required to pay at least this amount, which is NZ$22.7 per hour, in April 2023.

Salaries range significantly depending on the industry, work experience, and position seniority. Right after graduation, trainees tend to have a higher wage than someone with a degree, but over time, a university degree brings its benefits, and academics earn more.

For instance, someone with a degree often reaches a 67% higher than average salary after ten years of experience. 

The data presented below is from Hays’s Salary Guide for 2022 – 2023, see more here.

Did you know that in New Zealand, you can apply for government support via Work and Income if you don’t earn enough?

Salaries across different industries and jobs in 2023

1. Jobs in Accountancy and Finance

Top 5 jobs that New Zealand employers are looking to hire for:

  1. Payroll Officers and Managers
  2. Senior Financial Accountants
  3. Commercial Analysts
  4. Finance Business Partners
  5. Senior Management Accountants
CityManagerial positionsCPAInternal AuditorRisk Analyst
AucklandNZ$120,000 – 170,000NZ$68,000-80,000NZ$66,000-87,000NZ$71,000-82,000
WellingtonNZ$115,000 – 180,000NZ$66,000-82,000NZ$71,000-92,000NZ$71,000-87,000
ChristchurchNZ$110,000 – 180,000NZ$66,000-80,000NZ$71,000-92,000NZ$71,000-92,000
Job Average salary
Accounting TechnicianNZ$54,520/year
Chartered AccountantNZ$135,366/year
Financial AccountantNZ$77,639/year
Tax AccountantNZ$68,760/year
Financial AdvisorNZ$82,625/year
Finance ManagerNZ$112,576/year
Source: jobted.co.nz

2. Jobs in Architecture

Top 5 jobs that New Zealand employers are looking to hire for:

  • Project Architects
  • Experienced Architectural Graduates 
  • Revit Technicians
  • Registered Architects 
  • ArchiCAD Technicians
CityArchitectCAD ManagerPlannerLandscape Architect

Job Average salary
Graphic DesignerNZ$60,119/year
Interior DesignerNZ$58,138/year
Landscape ArchitectNZ$59,462/year
Source: jobted.co.nz

3. Jobs in Construction

Top 5 jobs that New Zealand employers are looking to hire for:

  1. Project Managers
  2. Senior Quantity Surveyors
  3. Site Managers
  4. Estimators
  5. Site Forepersons

Construction Civil

CityLeading HandProject ManagerSite EngineerProject EngineerQuantity Surveyor
South IslandNZ$65,000-80,000NZ$85,000-150,000NZ$60,000-90,000NZ$80,000-120,000NZ$55,000 – 90,000

Construction Building

CityLeading HandProject ManagerSite EngineerProject EngineerQuantity Surveyor
South IslandNZ$62,000-70,000NZ$100,000-150,000NZ$60,000-90,000NZ$80,000-120,000NZ$55,000 – 90,000

Job Average salary
Civil EngineerNZ$91,800/year
Quantity SurveyorNZ$90,081/year
Structural EngineerNZ$86,513/year
Source: jobted.co.nz

4. Contact Center jobs

Top jobs that New Zealand employers are looking to hire for:

  • Customer Service Managers
  • Customer Service Representatives
  • Outbound Sales & Service  
  • Inbound Sales & Service
  • Workforce Planners
CityInbound ServiceAccount ManagerSenior Customer Service RepresentativeSupervisorContact Center Manager

5. Jobs in Human Resources

Top jobs in the Human Resources field that New Zealand employers are looking to hire for:

  • HR Business Partners
  • Talent Acquisition / Internal Recruiters
  • HR Advisors
  • HR Coordinators
  • Learning & Development Consultants
TrainerRecruitment AdvisorHR AdminSenior HR Business PtrHR ManagerHead of HR
New ZealandNZ$71,000-112,000NZ$85,000-120,000NZ$55,000-65,000NZ$115,000-160,000NZ$110,000-143,000NZ$180,000-300,000
Job Average salary
HR AdministratorNZ$56,811/year
HR AdvisorNZ$91,610/year
HR CoordinatorNZ$67,266/year
HR ManagerNZ$100,474/year
Payroll AdministratorNZ$57,705/year
Source: jobted.co.nz

6. Jobs in Engineering

Top jobs in engineering that New Zealand employers are looking to hire for:

  1. Intermediate and Senior Structural Engineers
  2. Intermediate and Senior Civil Engineers
  3. Intermediate and Senior Mechanical Engineers
  4. Drafters
  5. Licensed Cadastral Surveyors
CityCAD DrafterCAD ManagerEntry-level Design EngineerSupervisorProject ManagerStructural EngineerLand Surveyor
ChristchurchNZ$55,000-87,000NZ$85,000-112,000NZ$46,000-51,000NZ$51,000-56,000NZ$95,000- 115,000NZ$65,000-140,000NZ$65,000-120,000

Job Average salary
Aircraft EngineerNZ$71,083/year
Marine EngineerNZ$68,250/year
Electrical EngineerNZ$79,534/year
Mechanical EngineerNZ$70,794/year
Project EngineerNZ$96,163/year
Source: jobted.co.nz

7. Jobs in Insurance

Top jobs in Insurance that New Zealand employers are looking to hire for:

  • Underwriters
  • Brokers
  • Loss Adjusters
  • Claims Handlers
  • Broker Support
Underwriting AssistantDomestic Claim AssessorHead of claims
General insuranceNZ$45,000-61,000NZ$50,000-66,000NZ$90,000-150,000
Life insuranceNZ$45,000-66,000NZ$110,000-200,000

8. Legal jobs

Top legal jobs that New Zealand employers are looking to hire for:

  1. Commercial corporate Solicitors
  2. Commercial property Solicitors
  3. Litigation Solicitors
  4. Private Client Solicitors Broker Support
ParalegalGraduateSenior Associate1-2 years of experienceGeneral CounselLawyer

9. Jobs in Logistics

Top Logistics jobs that New Zealand employers are looking to hire for:

  1. Drivers
  2. Team Lead
  3. Truck Loaders
  4. Machine Operators
  5. Forklift Operators
Warehouse coordinatorStock ControllerStorepersonDriver HR/MRMechanic
New ZealandNZ$60,000-75,000NZ$60,000-75,000NZ$50,000-60,000NZ$60,000-80,000NZ$70,000-120,000
Job Average salary
Bus DriverNZ$57,300/year
Train DriverNZ$94,900/year
Truck DriverNZ$65,280/year
Source: jobted.co.nz

10. Jobs in Manufacturing & Operations

Top Manufacturing & Operations jobs that New Zealand employers are looking to hire for:

  • Pick Packers
  • Warehousing
  • Operations Managers
  • Forklift Drivers
  • Frame & Truss/Joiners

11. Jobs in Marketing & Digital

Top Marketing & Digital jobs that New Zealand employers are looking to hire for:

  • Search Specialists
  • E-commerce Managers
  • Marketing Automation Specialists
  • Social Media Managers
  • Digital Marketing Specialists
E-commerce SpecialistMarketing ManagerEvent CoordinatorGraphic DesignerEcommerce SpecialistDigital Marketing Executive Content Writer
New ZealandNZ$50,000-80,000NZ$96,000-137,000NZ$52,000-78,000NZ$54,000-103,000NZ$63,000-97,000NZ$69,000-99,000NZ$64,000-81,000

Job Average salary
Brand ManagerNZ$82,054/year
Communications ManagerNZ$81,209/year
Digital Marketing ManagerNZ$71,440/year
Marketing ExecutiveNZ$66,080/year
Social Media ManagerNZ$63,946/year
Marketing SpecialistNZ$61,929/year
Source: jobted.co.nz

12. Jobs in Office Support

Top Office Support jobs that New Zealand employers are looking to hire for:

  • Office Managers
  • Administrators
  • Personal & Executive Assistants
  • Construction Administrators
  • Project Coordinators
CityAdministration AssistantOffice ManagerTeam Assistant ReceptionistProject Coordinator

13. Jobs in Real Estate

Top 5 Real Estate jobs that New Zealand employers are looking to hire for:

  1. Property Managers
  2. Valuers
  3. Property Coordinators
  4. Asset Managers
  5. Project Managers
CityProperty Manager 0 – 3 years of experienceAsset ManagerDevelopment Manager Valuer CPV/RPV

14. Jobs in Sales

Top jobs in Sales that New Zealand employers are looking to hire for:

  • Business Development
  • Managers
  • Heads of Sales
  • Territory Managers
  • Key Account Managers
  • Sales Executives
CitySales ExecutiveBusiness ManagerAccount Manager

Job Average salary
Account ManagerNZ$60,534/year
Business Development ManagerNZ$77,081/year
Key Account ManagerNZ$79,305/year
Sales AdministratorNZ$52,787/year
Sales ExecutiveNZ$61,550/year
Sales RepresentativeNZ$51,586/year
Source: jobted.co.nz

15. Jobs in Technology

Top jobs in Technology that New Zealand employers are looking to hire for:

  • Project & Program Managers
  • Business Analysts
  • Senior Software Engineers
  • Automation and QA Engineers
  • DevOps and Cloud Specialists
CityService DeskNetwork AdministratorBusiness AnalystDeveloperCloud EngineerData Analyst
AucklandNZ$50,000-60,000NZ$80,000-100,000NZ$90,000-120,000NZ$95,000-125,000NZ$115,000 – 155,000NZ$85,000-125,000
WellingtonNZ$55,000-65,000NZ$90,000-110,000NZ$95,000-110,000NZ$90,000-120,000NZ$110,000 – 140,000NZ$90,000-125,000
ChristchurchNZ$50,000-60,000NZ$80,000-100,000NZ$90,000-110,000NZ$80,000-110,000NZ$100,000 – 130,000NZ$80,000-120,000

Job Average salary
Business Intelligence AnalystNZ$84,750/year
Data AnalystNZ$78,965/year
Network AdministratorNZ$73,562/year
Software DeveloperNZ$88,130/year
Software EngineerNZ$88,256/year
Web DeveloperNZ$77,078/year
Source: jobted.co.nz

Average salary in New Zealand in USD

In 2022 average salary across New Zealand was NZ$58,836 per year, which is US$37,069 annually or US$3,089 monthly.

Average salary per month

The monthly average wage in New Zealand is NZ$4,903.

Average salary per week

The average weekly wage was NZ$1,189 in June 2022. Here is the change in weekly salaries between June 2021 to June 2022 by occupation:

  • Managers – up NZ$105 (7.3%) to NZ$1,545
  • Professionals (all academic jobs) – up NZ$98 (6.9%) to NZ$1,506
  • Technicians and trade workers – up NZ$99 (9%) to NZ$1,199
  • Community and personal service workers – up NZ$108 (14%) to NZ$876
  • Clerical and administration workers – up NZ$101 (10.1%) to NZ$1,100
  • Sales workers – up NZ$73 (9.1%) to NZ$873
  • Machinery operators and drivers – up NZ$65 (6.2%) to NZ$1,120
  • Labourers – up NZ$88 (10.5%) to NZ$928.

Average salary per hour

The median hourly rate increased by NZ$1.90 (6.8%) to NZ$29.66 from June 2021 to June 2022.

Here is how hourly salary has changed between June 2021 to June 2022 by occupation:

  • Managers – up NZ$2.25 (6.6%) to NZ$36.44
  • Professionals – up NZ$2.33 (6.5%) to NZ$38.36
  • Technicians and trade workers – up NZ$1.40 (5.2%) to NZ$28.40
  • Community and personal service workers – up NZ$1.36 (5.7%) to NZ$25.33
  • Clerical and administration workers – up NZ$1.88 (7%) to NZ$28.77
  • Sales workers – up NZ$1.00 (4.5%) to $23.00
  • Machinery operators and drivers – up NZ$1.28 (5.2%) to NZ$26.00
  • Labourers – up NZ$1.97 (9%) to NZ$23.97

Average salary after tax

Someone earning an average salary of NZ$58,836 will pay 19.67% in taxes, which is average. Therefore, the net salary will be NZ$47,265 per year or NZ$3,938 per month.

To calculate how much exactly you will get after deducting taxes, visit the official website paye.net.nz.

Current income tax rates in New Zealand (2023):

Salary (NZ$)Tax rate
Up to $14,00010.5%
Over $14,000 and up to $48,00017.5%
Over $48,000 and up to $70,00030%
Over $70,000 and up to $180,00033%
Remaining income over $180,00039%
Source: ird.govt.nz

Where the salary is better in the UK or in New Zealand?

Income by gender

In New Zealand, the gender pay gap in the June 2022 quarter was 9.2%. Meaning, men earned 9.2% more than women.

This number isn’t that bad if you compare it to other countries like the US, for example, where in 2022, men earned 17% more than women. The gender gap in the US is almost double what it’s in New Zealand.

Minimum wage in New Zealand

From April 2023, the minimum wage in New Zealand is set to NZ$22.7 per hour, which translates to about NZ$3,588 per month. Consequently, even if you earn a minimum wage, you still can afford to pay for the rent and all other basic needs.

Below you can see a chart of how minimum wage has developed in New Zealand over the years:

Source: take-profit.org

Lowest and highest paying jobs

It’s no doubt that your job plays a significant role in the income level you have. Here are some of the highest-paying jobs in New Zealand (source: Trademe.co.nz; Seek.co.nz):

  • Information architects (IT): NZ$135,000
  • Data warehousing and Business Intelligence (IT): NZ$115,000
  • Cybersecurity specialists: NZ$105,000
  • Construction project and contract management: NZ$105,000
  • IT Sales: NZ$105,000
  • Finance managers: NZ$100,000
  • Database experts: NZ$95,000
  • Quantity surveying: NZ$95,000
  • Surveying: NZ$95,000
  • Test analysts: NZ$95,000
  • Architects: NZ$85,000
  • Geotechnical engineers: NZ$85,000
  • Civil and structural engineers: NZ$85,000
  • Commercial property management: NZ$85,000
  • Accountants: NZ$75,000

Salaries among typical New Zealand jobs

Here are some typical jobs in New Zealand and their average salaries:

Job typeAverage salary
Project ManagerNZ$97,524/year
Business AnalystNZ$81,300/year
Registered NurseNZ$75,670/year
Pharmacy TechnicianNZ$47,280/year
Dental AssistantNZ$45,300/year

JobAverage salary (NZD)
Project Manager97,524
Civil Engineer91,800
Mechanical Engineer70,794
Project Engineer96,163
Business Analyst81,300
Registered Nurse75,670
Data Analyst78,965
Software Developer88,130
Primary School Teacher75,130
Office Manager55,833
Pharmacy Technician47,280
Dental Assistant45,300
Farm Worker43,522
Graphic Designer60,119
Veterinary Nurse43,200
Source: jobted.co.nz

Which city is the best for jobs in New Zealand? Find out in the article below.

How much does a typical person make in New Zealand?

So, after all this data and information, how much does a typical Kiwi earn? The answer is, as always, it depends. A very typical salary for someone with a university degree, several years of experience, and working in one of the main New Zealand cities is about NZ$80,000.

A trade worker might earn only about NZ$55,000. The majority of all employees and contractors in New Zealand make between NZ$45,000 and NZ$80,000 per year.

Other large groups of workers have the following income:

  • NZ$40,000 to NZ$45,000: 146,690 taxpayers
  • NZ$45,000 to NZ$50,000: 159,690 taxpayers
  • NZ$50,000 to NZ$55,000: 157,590 taxpayers
  • NZ$55,000 – NZ$60,000: 145,200 taxpayers
  • NZ$60,000 – NZ$65,000: 128,480 taxpayers
  • NZ$200,000 and more: 44,030 taxpayers

The majority of higher earners work in main cities like Auckland and Wellington.

Here is the graph of how much all taxpayers in March 2022 made:

Source: figure.nz

Surprisingly, most workers in New Zealand earn less than NZ$10,000 per year. Yet, this data include all taxpayers, even if they work part-time.

Working in New Zealand

New Zealand is facing a significant skills shortage where workers are required across many industries.

Today, 91% of all employers are experiencing a skills shortage. This lack of workers is affecting an economy where companies aren’t able to operate fully, hence, deliver services and products to residents and export countries.

For this reason, someone with applicable in New Zealand skills, experience, or qualifications is encouraged to apply for a job. However, only accredited employers can sponsor the work visa, so choose wisely, as not all businesses have accreditation.

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