The 10 Tallest Buildings in New Zealand

New Zealand is known to be a provincial country, so compared to its neighbors Australia and Japan, most buildings are one to two-story high. Yet, we do have some epic skyscrapers in New Zealand, which come as a striking contrast to the lush greens and mountains. The tallest building stands at 1,076 feet from ground level.

The top 10 tallest buildings in New Zealand

  1. Sky Tower
  2. New Plymouth Power Station
  3. PwC Tower at Commercial Bay
  4. The Pacifica
  5. Vero Centre
  6. The Metropolis
  7. ANZ Centre
  8. Huntly Power Station
  9. The Sentinel Apartments
  10.  HSBC Tower

Are you wondering how tall these buildings in New Zealand reach? This article shows the highest man-made constructions across the country.

Tallest buildings in Aotearoa 

1. Sky Tower

  • Height: 328 meters (1,076 ft)
  • Address: Victoria Street West, Auckland CBD, Auckland 1010, New Zealand

The iconic Sky Tower, standing at 1,076 feet from ground level, is the tallest structure in all of New Zealand. What’s more, it is not only the tallest structure in NZ but also the tallest structure in the Southern Hemisphere.

Part of the SkyCity Casino Complex, the tower serves as a telecommunications and observation center. The development of the unique structure was completed in 1997, and ever since, it has been a popular landmark in Auckland’s skyline.

The skyscraper comprises 38 floors with a 360 degrees revolving restaurant, a superb selection of bars, a world-class SkyCity Casino, and first-class hotels. Exciting activities such as observation floors and SkyWalk, SkyJump, and Sky Slide are also available for you to up your game.

2. New Plymouth Power Station (Chimney)

  • Height: 198 meters (650 ft)
  • Address: Port Taranaki, New Plymouth, Taranaki, New Zealand

Not exactly a fancy skyscraper sort of building, New Plymouth Power Station is the second tallest building in New Zealand. When it was constructed in 1974, it served as New Zealand’s first-ever thermal power station. 

It produced around 600 MW of energy and was dual-fueled by both fuel oil and natural gas. However, the operation was shut down in 2013, but the structure still stands tall.

The structure of the power station is shaped like a chimney, hence its name. It is a visible landmark that shapes the skyline of central New Plymouth. 

The power station is built of five identical units and stands as a historical structure now. Although it is not exactly a tourist attraction site, you can view it at a reasonably close vicinity from the foreshore or Station Road.

3. PwC Tower at Commercial Bay

Image credit: Jim & Robin Kunze
  • Height: 180.1 meters ( 591 ft)
  • Address: 15 Customs Street West, Auckland

Also known as Commercial Bay Tower, PwC Tower is the third tallest building in New Zealand at a height of 591 feet above ground level. Officially opened in 2020, it’s pretty new and serves as a multiple-use office and retail development center.

This modern architectural design tower is a part of the redefining business landscapes by Commercial Bay, consisting of five office towers, one of which is the PwC Tower. This urban design consists of 41 floors of offices and leasable floor levels, two mechanical ones, one reserved for meeting suites, and a SkyLobby with a spectacular hotel environment.

The tower offers fantastic views of the Waitemata Harbour and beyond in all directions. Key features of PwC Tower include car parks and retail on-site, full concierge, and a green star-rated atmosphere.

4. The Pacifica

  • Height: 178 meters (584 ft)
  • Address: 12 Commerce Street, Auckland, New Zealand

The Pacifica was completed in 2020 with 57 levels reaching 584 feet into the air. Breaking boundaries, The Pacifica is the tallest residential tower in New Zealand. 

The unique twisted structure of the building is inspired by Maori culture, specifically the Pikorua motif. This distinct design adds a new look to Auckland’s skyline, particularly at night, with striking lights.

The project comprises 54 levels of apartments with 282 high-quality apartment units, 142 car parks, a gymnasium, a yoga studio, a resident’s lounge, and a library.

The upper levels feature a spacious boutique, a high-end cafe and restaurant, and indoor winter gardens, while the lower levels have multiple balconies and terraces for barbecues.

The top two levels of the building is a penthouse sold at NZ$40 million, making it the most expensive apartment purchase in NZ. A great fact about The Pacifica is that it won two awards in the international property awards of 2020; Best Apartment / Condominium New Zealand and Best Residential High Rise Development New Zealand.

5. Vero Centre

  • Height: 172 meters (564 ft)
  • Address: 48 Shortland Street, Auckland 1142 City Centre

The Vero Centre is the fifth tallest building in New Zealand, surpassing The Metropolis after its completion in 2000. It serves as one of the most prestigious office buildings in Auckland and attracts the attention of a large number of renowned companies as tenants.

The center consists of a total of 38 floors with 32 office levels and 5 podium levels. Other exclusive features include a health club, a main entry foyer, retail outlets, and gymnasiums. The technologically advanced building is known for its halo-effect roof detail.

Originally constructed as the Royal & Sun Alliance Centre, the skyscraper is designed by world-famous designer, Peddle Thorp. The construction was intended to have a good influence on the regeneration of the low-rise eastern Auckland CBD region.

The bonus provisions plan makes way for using more floor areas for public benefits like displaying artistic works and introducing a public plaza. The property has won several awards for excellent designs leading to energy efficiency.

RICS International Award for Building Efficiency and Regeneration has been awarded to Vero Centre in 2001, and calculations have estimated 10% less energy usage as compared to the average New Zealand Property Council building.

6. The Metropolis

  • Height: 155 meters (509 ft)
  • Address: 40 Kitchener Street, Auckland CBD, Auckland 1010, New Zealand

According to its height, The Metropolis is the sixth tallest skyscraper in New Zealand, serving as a high-class residential building. This 40-storey building is located in Auckland CBD and has been offering living and business spaces ever since 1999.

Coming with 368 apartments, 55 hotel rooms, and 7 elevators, the residents enjoy the luxuries of 5-star facilities in the center of Auckland. It is appreciated for its style and quality and the timeless design by Peddle Thorp Architects.

The Metropolis is the second tallest residential building after The Pacifica and was worth around NZ$180 million at the time of its construction. There is a diversity of surroundings and atmosphere around the apartments, filled with cafes, shops, and bars, which add to the urban village ambiance.

Kiwis know The Metropolis as the building which was climbed as part of a promotion stunt for the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch.

7. ANZ Centre

Image credit: Democfest
  • Height: 151 meters (496 ft)
  • Address: 23 Albert Street, Auckland Central, New Zealand

Located at 23 Albert Street, the ANZ Centre is an office skyscraper standing 496 feet above ground level. Owned by the current tenants, ANZ Bank New Zealand, it is also known as Coopers & Lybrand Building by the business community in the banking world.

It has 35 floors of office space and a total of 357,220 sq ft of floor space. Completed in 1991, it was the tallest building in New Zealand until it was surpassed by the Sky Tower in 1997 and then by The Metropolis in 1999. 

Today, it stands as the fifth tallest building in Auckland, 174th tallest in Oceania, and 7,408th tallest building in the world. 

This precinct property adorns the skyline of Auckland with its magnificent rooftop. This structure was designed by the architect Hassell Private Limited.

8. Huntly Power Station (chimneys)

Image credit: russellstreet
  • Height: 150 meters (492 ft)
  • Address: Huntly, Waikato, New Zealand

Another power station in New Zealand has made its way to the list of tallest buildings in New Zealand. The Huntly Power Station, at a height of 150 meters, is the largest thermal power scheme in New Zealand today.

It is located in the town of Huntly in Waikato and produces around 1000 MW of energy using its five units. It is constructed on the lower Waikato River and was officially commissioned in 1983 after 10 years of planning.

Huntly Power Station plays a critical role in meeting the power and energy demands of New Zealand ever since its creation 40 years ago. The station provides 31% of New Zealand’s electricity and acts as a backup when natural sources are scarce or in times of natural disasters.

9. The Sentinel Apartments

  • Height: 150 meters (492 ft)
  • Address: 3/9 Northcroft Street, Takapuna, Auckland 0622, New Zealand

Also known as Sentinel Tower or simply The Sentinel, the 492 feet skyscraper comprises 30 floors and serves as a luxurious residential building. It is located at the heart of Takapuna, the central business suburb of North Shore City, New Zealand.

The Sentinel Apartments were first opened to the public in 2008. The floor-to-ceiling glass windows of the apartment rooms offer uninterrupted views of the South Pacific, Waitemata Harbour, the peak of Rangitoto, the Hauraki Gulf, and Lake Pupuke.

The building features 117 apartments for sale, rentals, and lifestyle, complete with 5-star packages of local restaurants, bars, cafes, outdoor pools, bbq, spa treatment, and concierge services.

The upper two levels of the building are dedicated to a penthouse which is worth NZ$11 million. The overall total cost of The Sentinel is estimated to be NZ$60 million.

10. HSBC Tower

  • Height: 142 meters (466 ft)
  • Address: 188 Quay Street, Auckland CBD, Auckland 1010, New Zealand

HSBC Tower, also known as HSBC House, is one of the most prestigious and exclusive financial services companies that stands at a height of 466 feet in the air. This building offers a valuable and unique banking experience for both occupiers and customers.

The tower has 29 levels, all with a spectacular view of Auckland’s waterfront and Waitemata Harbour. It is also connected to the Commercial Bay retail center and features a rectangular podium and colonnade structure.

It is situated in Auckland CBD between Princes Wharf and Ferry Building. It has a magnificent hotel-style entrance lobby featuring spacious lounges, cafes, restaurants, and picturesque artwork.

The tallest building in Auckland

When it comes to the tallest buildings in Auckland, skyscrapers rank at the top. The tallest building in Auckland is the iconic Sky Tower standing at a height of 328 meters from ground level.

The Sky Tower has been playing its role as a telecommunications and observation center since 1997 and dominates the skyline of Auckland.

The skyscraper has a total of 38 levels and features impressive services such as an orbiting 360 degrees restaurant, a variety of bars, and the SkyCity Casino Complex at its base.

The Sky Tower is famous for its elegant and contemporary structure, which lights up in brilliant colors at night. The upper levels of the building are exclusively for the SkyWalk, SkyJump, Sky Cafe, and Sky Deck.

The second tallest building is the PwC Tower at Commerical Bay. This multi-use office and retail development center stand at a height of 180.1 meters in the air. The modern architectural design is a part of the Commercial Bay Towers and supports 41 floors of office space.

The Pacifica, a residential building, is the third tallest building in New Zealand. It has 57 levels and reaches 178 meters into the air. The building has a distinguishing structure influenced by Maori culture and offers 5-star quality services at its bars, restaurants, cafes, pools, gym, yoga studio, and boutiques.

The tallest building in Wellington 

Image credit: Phillip Capper

The Majestic Centre, a 29-story office tower, is the tallest building in Wellington. Completed in 1991, it stands at a height of 116 meters above ground level and was once one of the three tallest buildings in New Zealand at its time of construction.

This post-modernist architectural style building is situated close to Wellington Central and is mainly used as an office space. The structural engineers of this building have used advanced technology in making the curved shape of Majestic Centre’s tower. This was done to reduce the strong gusts of wind toward nearby buildings. 

Today, it stands as the tallest building in Wellington, the 12th tallest in New Zealand, and the 343rd ranking in Oceania. A cool feature of this building is the remarkable halo of light that distinguishes it from other buildings around it at night.

  • Height: 116 meters (381 ft)
  • Address: 100 Willis Street, Wellington, New Zealand

Tallest residential building in New Zealand

Reaching 584 height into the air, The Pacifica is the tallest residential building in New Zealand. It has a total of 57 levels, with 54 of them serving as apartment floors.

The three-year-old building has set records in New Zealand for its distinctive and complex structure inspired by the cultural Maori Pikorua motif. This design adds a remarkable look to the skyline of Auckland, especially at night.

This residential building has all the services you could ever imagine; from a yoga studio, gyms, and boutiques to barbecue terraces, high-end cafes and restaurants, and whatnot. With all these details, The Pacifica has won the award for Best Residential High-Rise Development in New Zealand.

  • Height: 178 meters (584 ft)
  • Address: 12 Commerce Street, Auckland, New Zealand

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