Best Bone Broth For Dogs in New Zealand (2024)

Bone broth is great not only for humans but also for pets. It can be used as a meal topper or on its own to replace boring and nutrition-less water. Dog love their kibble when soaked in the bone broth. Generally, New Zealand has only few bone broth makers who also provide bone broth for our furry friends, we covered them all here.

The best bone broth for dogs in New Zealand is beef bone broth from PrimaBroth, venison & goat from Raw Essentials and Roar classic beef bone broth.

Bone broth is known to be good for digestion, joints, coat and sleep. Bone broth also makes a great addition to the dry dog kibble. It adds nutrition and flavour. For example, if your dog or cat has a sensitive stomach, joint or digestive issues or is a picky eater, bone broth can be a great addition to their diet.

1. Prime Broth

Prime Broth is a Christchurch-based small bone broth producer. They make bone broth for both, pets and humans. Compared to other companies, their beef bone broth is very rich and made out of organic beef bones.


  • Beef Bones, Carrots, Celery, Apple cider vinegar

Price for a 400ml jar of liquid gold (beef bone broth) starts at $7, however, you can purchase a pack of 5 for $30 which is a great saving! Prime Broth offers a delivery, or alternatively, you can pick up your order from their location close to the Christchurch CBD.

Where to buy:

  • Buy online on the website
  • Buy on Trademe

Check out Prime Broth and its product range.

2. Raw Essentials

Raw Essentials offers a range of bone broth for pets, however, they don’t make a beef broth, which is the most rich of all (nutrition-wise). Raw Essentials makes lamb, venison & goat and duck & chicken bone broth.

Ingredients: Venison bones, Goat bones, NZ organic apple cider vinegar, Filtered water

Venison & goat bone broth cost $7.90 for 500 ml.

3. Roar

Roar is the local pet food company which is also making bone broth. Roar has a physical shop on the north island, but they also deliver.

Ingredients: Beef bones, Celery, Carrots, Apples, Bay Leaves

A package of 475 ml is selling for $8.95.

4. Little Bone Broth Company

Little Bone Broth Company is another bone broth company offering bone broth for pets. However, they only sell in packs of 12 unless you can find them in one of the butcheries. A pack of 12 costs $84.

Ingredients: beef bones, celery, apple cider vinegar

You can buy a pack of 12 on the Little Bone Broth Company website.

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